These Youtubers are great at what they do and are the reason for inspiring me to make this blog I feel that it would it be an injustice to all of you if I did’t share this.

You Suck At Cooking- A very hilarious and informative chef. Great recipes and even better jokes. Each video comes with a story and a recipe, the story surprisingly is revolves around foods. YouSuckAtCooking involves videos such as Tortilla Pizza, Christmas Crack and Macho Nachos. This guy even has cool names for the food he makes.

AndrewRea- Youtuber Chef Andrew Rea creator of Binging With Babish, recreates meals from today’s most watched movies and TV. Some recipes include the Goodfellas Prison Sauce and Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce. Just watching Andrew cook is very entertaining, it may not be as funny as YouSuckAtCooking but it is even more informative. It’s as if its a cooking class is online, not only giving directions but giving out information about how to make food better and creating taste.