Pastelillos are a Spanish cuisine that can be filled with many things such as cheese, pork, chicken, or beef. This is a very easy appetizer to make when you are having a party but be warn that if you create this as an appetizer yet can end up being a whole meal just depends how you many you eat. Personally 6 or 7 of these puppies would fill me up. Today I am going to talk about Cheese Pastelillos they are the easiest to make and set and the quickest to prepare and make. What you need is simple.

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You are going to use about 4 cups of oil in a hot medium bowl. Wait a couple of minutes until it gets to a boiling. While that is heating up you can use any kind of cheese you desire! Put the cheese at the center of dough circle. Then fold to one side and match the lining of the dough so you can press the edges with a fork. Then place each pastelillo in the firing oil and wait 3-4 minutes until it becomes golden brown, place each one on a paper towel to get the hot fatty oils out. Wait a couple minutes to cool down or just bite into them and impatiently get all that flavor.